1. Turn In Your Lease And Purchase Or Lease A New Or Pre-owned Infiniti.

Have you had a chance to experience any of the new INFINITI products? INFINITI is constantly improving their cars and service, why not stop in and look if you haven't already? By going with another INFINITI, you will experience perks that others won't. Fill out the form to the left with any comments you may have, such as vehicle of interest, and one of our certified sales and leasing consultants will call you as soon as possible to answer all your buying and leasing needs.

2. Buy Your Current Infiniti Out Of The Lease.

Some people don't like purchasing pre-owned cars because they are not sure of the vehicle history. Was the car beat up on? Were all the routine maintenance's done? Was the car garage kept? If you buy your car out of lease, you will know the answer to all these questions, because you are already the owner!!! By purchasing your car, you may qualify for INFINITI lease-purchase rates. You can also purchase an extended warranty to cover your vehicle up to 120,000 miles!!! For information on purchasing your INFINITI out of lease, please fill out the form to the left and our finance director will get right back to you.

3. Return Your Lease And Walk Away.

If you decide that INFINITI is not the brand for you anymore, just fill out the form below to schedule a lease return. Before returning your car, you will have to make sure that your car has been inspected by A.I.M. If it hasn't already been done, please contact A.I.M. for the end of lease vehicle inspection at 1-800-253-9026. After the inspection is complete, fill out the form to the left with your preferred appointment date and time and we will get back to you to confirm. Also, feel free to add any comments or criticisms. We always look to our customer's for new and innovative ways to improve our customer service.

4. Early Termination Option

Have you had a change in lifestyle which forces you to pull out of your lease early? That's ok, there are several different ways to come out of your INFINITI early. Whether you are:
  • Expecting a new baby and must change from a coupe to an FX.
  • Starting a new sales job and are going to go over your miles.
  • Wanting to get into a new model a little early.
INFINITI Ardmore may be able to contact INFINITI for an early termination and have all your remaining payments waived on your current lease. For more information on early termination, please fill out the form to the left. Be sure to note your vehicle year, model, miles, options, condition, and VIN number and one of our lease specialists will contact you with additional information.
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